The Rules

Although we are a pretty laid back site, we at Worlds Collide RP strictly enforce the few rules we have to provide a safe and fun environment for every member. We don’t ask for much so please abide by these rules at all times. 

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to message an admin about it.


When registering, please be sure to use your alias as username and your desired character as profile name in proper case. Since usernames cannot be altered, this will help keep the transition from one character to another smooth if you ever have a change of heart.

Character creation

In order to apply for a character whether it’s an OC or a canon role, head over to the application tab and fill out the form. Once you’re done, an admin will review it and get back to you as soon as possible. Please refrain from roleplaying until your application has been approved and your account verified.

Our character limit is currently four. 


We all know real life should be everyone’s first priority, therefore we won’t force you to roleplay a certain amount of days in the week. All we ask is that you don’t neglect your characters and join us in the OOC chat as much as you can, so we know you’re around. However, if you are going to be away for a lengthy amount of time, alert our staff team so that we don’t assume you just disappeared and decide reopen your face claim/ character.


We will not tolerate any forms of racism or discrimination against members. We are also LGBTQIA+ friendly, and members and characters belonging to this community are welcomed as others are.

If an issue arises between any members, please let a staff member know so they can handle it accordingly in private. On that note, fighting and drama will not be tolerated; keep that in character only. If a member is constantly problematic and/or rude towards others, they will get three warnings at most and after the third they will be suspended if they continue. Remember, we’re all here to have fun, so please be considerate of others.


We have a flexible rating on site but generally follow 3-2-3. This means that you can roleplay whatever you feel comfortable with. If you want to use mature language and graphic violence, go for it, however, please be mindful of your partner’s preferences. If there are any potential triggering subjects discussed in the roleplay, please mention them in the title or the beginning of your thread.

We understand that relationships may develop between characters and this may escalate to sexual roleplay. All members must understand that this type of roleplay must not be in any public or group chat. If it is between two consenting adults (18+ in real life), take it to PM. However, none such roleplays can take part on the site between adults and minors, or even minors and other minors. This is even if the characters involved are over 18. Simply Fade to Black. This is because this goes against laws of many countries. This disclaimer should be taken seriously.

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