The Plots

The Vampire Diaries/ The Originals

Niklaus finally achieved his ultimate goal. Unlocking his true form as a hybrid; Both a vampire and a werewolf, securing himself as the most powerful being roaming the Earth. In the process, he’s earned an ally, in Stefan. Forced that is. Elena is suffering with not only the heartbreak of losing Stefan, but also losing her aunt Jenna to Niklaus’ ritual. Presumed to be dead by the Original, she deals with hurt with Damon, whilst also finding a way to bring Stefan back from Klaus’ clutches. In the meantime, a new threat looms in Mystic Falls. The fabled Knights of Inferno are presumably lurking in the shadows. Led by the mysterious Original Knight, they have one simple goal. To restore the balance of nature and destroy the Original Family.


Hope sacrificed herself in order to destroy Malivore once and for all. However, just like everything before her that entered Malivore, Hope was erased from everyone’s memories. At first, all seemed lost, though memories of her existence persisted in items she’d given to her friends. Josie, her necklace. Landon, the location bracelet. Rafael, the necklace to allow voluntary transformation. The catch to Rafael’s necklace is that he requires Hope in order to restore his human state. However, with her having jumped into a pit, Rafael is stuck in werewolf form. Landon now struggles with voices in his head, but there’s a specific one that stands out. It’s familiar to him yet he doesn’t know why. Josie sees momentary flashes of a familiar, yet unknown face. Together, all work to find the connection, bring Rafael back to his human form and figure out the identity of the person whom they all seem to know, yet not remember.

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