Before registration

Please ensure that the username which you sign up with is your alias, not that of the character which you wish to play. Usernames cannot be changed once signed up and it’s not a guarantee that you will be able to play the character that you have in mind.

After registration

OOC CHAT: All our out of character chats take place in the site’s official discord. You can access this here or by clicking the discord icon at the bottom right of your screen on the main page. Then come over and introduce yourself in the chat!

IC CHAT: The roleplay or in-character chat is different and specifically made for the purpose of roleplaying. No OOC chats are allowed here . The chat can be found on its respective page from the navigation bar. When attempting to access the chat, please simply click on the “LOGIN WITH WORLDS COLLIDE” button and it should either automatically redirect you to the chat, or prompt you to sign in. The details which you use to sign in are that of your account on the site. Please do not fill out the form before clicking on the button stated above, as this will not link your on site account to the chat.

The character application can be found on its respective page from the navigation bar. Please ensure that you’ve had a look at the available characters, as well as taken faceclaims (if creating an OC) and apply accordingly. Approval/rejection of your application should be sent to your inbox promptly or up to a few hours after submission.

Once your character has been approved by an admin, you will receive a blue tick beside your name on your profile on the site. Only once this has occurred may you begin to roleplay.

These are pages which you are able to customize to your liking, displaying information about your character. It should ideally be created (does not need to be completely finished) shortly after character approval and ideally before roleplaying.

  1. Hover over the + New button on the top toolbar and select post
  2. Name the post the name of your character
  3. On the right, you will see an area to add a featured image, as well as choose a template and change sidebar settings. Upload a gif of your character and ensure that your options for the other two match those shown in the image
  4. Click on the Edit with Elementor button
  5. This will take you to the editing page. Here, you have the opportunity to fully customize your page with widgets, or, choose the ready made bio template by selecting template (the grey file icon), my templates and then inserting the one called Biography

If you’re having any trouble navigating through any of these, please feel free to ask any of the administrators to assist you! We will be more than happy to help. 

The link to this post can also be added under “Biography” on your social profile page on the site.

Now that your character has been approved by a staff member, you probably want to start roleplaying already! Here on Worlds Collide, we have a different kind of RP system. We allow both chat and forum roleplaying.

CHAT RP: In order to start chat roleplaying, all you need to do is click the tab titled ‘Chat’. It will lead you to our chat rooms, two of which are labeled ‘Legacies’ and ‘TVD/TO’. Each RP chat room is only meant for characters in their respective timelines.

 These chat rooms allow you to make threads in which you can reply to at your own pace whilst others do the same, without having to worry about losing track of your threads or posting in the middle of someone else’s RP. How do you do this? By following these two steps:

  1. If someone’s posted a started for you, hover their message with your mouse and you’ll find three dots in the right corner. 
  2. Once you’ve clicked on those three dots, you’ll find multiple options, the third one being ‘reply in thread’.

FORUM RP: If you prefer forum roleplaying, that’s fine too! We have a forum set up with all the locations for you to use. Simply click the location you want to set your roleplay in and create a new topic! If you want to add a location that isn’t already there, feel free to ask an admin to add it for you!

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