Worlds Collide is an online TVD, TO, and Legacies RP site where we have both chat and forum based roleplays to welcome all types of roleplayers. We’re set in two different timelines, one following TVD/TO and the other following Legacies.

Our aim is to create a comfortable and inclusive community of roleplayers where everyone gets the chance to write freely. In addition to that, we’re a no word count RP site. What does that mean? We don’t have a word limit–you don’t have to write essays, nor do you have to write one-liners when replying, it all depends and your preference and muse. Feel free to take a look around and don’t hesitate to ask questions! Also definitely join our Discord where all the OOC shenanigans take place!

Please ensure that you read the guidelines and rules before registering

Worlds Collide

An online TVD/TO/Legacies Roleplay Site


Hayley Marshall
Werewolf | 20 | Phoebe Tonkin
Henrik Mikaelson
Original Heretic | 1000+ | Ben Barnes
Ryder Knightley
Vampire | 500+ | Zac Efron

Lizzie Saltzman

Siphoner | 16 | Jenny Boyd
Landon Kirby
Phoenix | 17 | Aria Shahghasemi



Member OTM


Friendship OTM


Relationship OTM


First things first, you need to read through the RULES and GUIDELINES page, then sign up. Make sure that your username is an alias, not the name of the character you want to play.

You can also join us in our Discord Server where we talk OOC if you have any questions, or are just looking around!

After that’s sorted, we’d suggest you take a look at the PLOT page so you know where we are at roleplay wise.

Then, you’re going to have to fill up a character application form. You can find it HERE.

After that’s sent in, wait for an admin to approve it (as well as verify you- blue tick) as soon as possible, and then you’ve got the green light to start roleplaying! Go wild!

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